Admitted Student FAQ

How do I activate my USC email/Net ID?

After submitting your Admit Reply form and enrollment deposit (or deposit waiver), you will receive a confirmation email that includes your 10-digit USC ID number. You will need that number to activate your USC Net ID online.

When can I expect my financial aid summary if I have not yet received it?

Our Financial Aid Office is working as quickly as they can to send out financial aid packages. Please make sure all necessary materials are submitted via your FAST page.

Are you hosting admitted student programs?

We are delighted to offer a number of activities for incoming first-year students that will give you the opportunity to engage with USC and provide you with the information you need to make your college decision.

When you attend one of these programs, you will meet current students, other newly admitted students, and USC faculty and staff. You will also learn about academic opportunities and campus life. Additionally, whether you choose to connect virtually or in person, we have multiple options that will allow you to explore the place you might just call home for the next four years.

Visit our events page for more information about all these opportunities, and make a reservation for the program(s) you would like to attend through the Experience USC page in your applicant portal.

Will I be able to receive AP, IB and A-Level exam credit?

Yes. USC’s AP, IB and A-Level exam credit policies are thoroughly documented on our Registrar’s website.

Do I have to send in final high school transcripts?

Providing final official high school transcripts showing proof of graduation is one of the conditions of admission for every USC first-year student. We typically require this documentation before students may begin at the university. Please arrange to have your transcript sent as soon as it is available.

How do I sign up for orientation?

A few days after you submit your Admit Reply form, you will receive an invitation at your USC email address to reserve your spot for the Welcome Trojans orientation program. The Office of Orientation Programs also provides a step-by-step guide on their website.

When will I register for classes?

You will register for classes online, by department, during your Welcome Trojans orientation program. First-year course registration will take place in June. Transfer course registration occurs in July.

How will I meet my academic advisor?

Your Pre-Registration Checklist will include the necessary details for scheduling an academic advising appointment. Academic advising appointments are conducted online prior to your course registration date.

How do I know what classes I need to take for my major?

To review requirements and ensure you are prepared for your advisement appointment and course registration, log in to Blackboard to access your Pre-Registration Checklist. As part of the checklist, you will need to complete a pre-advisement worksheet, which must be done prior to meeting with your academic advisor, who will guide you through the registration process to ensure you are enrolling in the appropriate courses. You will meet with your advisor prior to your registration date.

You are also welcome to familiarize yourself with our USC Catalogue, where you can review the graduation requirements for each major.

Can I switch my major?

The Office of Admission does not facilitate switching majors. A change of major is granted at the discretion of the academic departments, who set their own policies and procedures for doing so. An admitted student who wishes to change majors must contact both the current and intended academic departments to receive the appropriate permission and advising. If you have committed to USC and activated your USC Net ID, log in to Blackboard to access the departmental folder of the school you are interested in changing to and review the school’s requirements. Some majors have a separate application process, so a major change would not be complete in time for you to register for your first semester of classes. However, this would not affect your ability to move forward in your educational plan.

How do I add a second major or a minor?

Most students who add a second major or a minor typically do so after the first semester. However, you are welcome to bring it up with your academic advisor during your advisement meeting if you wish. Either way, you will not need to declare a second major or minor during your registration time.

What placement exams do I need to take?

Please visit your Blackboard account and follow the instructions in your pre-registration checklist.

Will classes be in person or online in the fall?

Classes will be in person in the fall. However, if we need to make changes to this plan in order to ensure the safety of the USC community, updates will be posted on we-are.usc.edu.

Where can I get more information about vaccination requirements?

For information on USC’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, please visit the COVID-19 Resource Center.

Where can I learn more about how USC is continuing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?

For updates on how USC is continuing to maintain the health and safety of our community, including vaccination requirements, please visit the USC COVID-19 website.

Transfer Admits FAQ

How do I know which courses will transfer to USC?

The Articulation Office will prepare a transfer credit report (TCR) for you based on the official transcripts you submit. Until your report is prepared, you can spend time reviewing our articulation agreements (most California community colleges) and histories (other schools) to see how courses you have already completed may transfer.

Please note that articulation histories are not a guarantee. As we do not maintain a formal articulation agreement with four-year universities or schools outside California, we cannot guarantee how courses will transfer until Articulation reviews your transcript. However, it is very likely these courses will continue to transfer the way they are listed on those histories.

When will my Transfer Credit Report (TCR) be ready?

The Articulation Office is working on TCRs as quickly as possible. They prioritize TCRs for students with upcoming registration dates. If you have not already submitted your final official transcripts, please arrange to have your college send your transcripts electronically as soon as possible. If your school’s system requires an email address in order to send the transcript, please use uetrans@usc.edu.

How can I view my Transfer Credit Report (TCR)?

Once you activate your USC Net ID, you will be able to access my.usc.edu. There you can see your degree progress through OASIS.

When can I expect that my Transfer Credit Report (TCR) will be updated if it doesn’t appear to have all the right information on it?

The Articulation Office will work throughout the summer to update TCRs with new information, such as new AP/IB scores, updated transcripts, etc.

Will I get university housing as a transfer student?

USC Housing is not guaranteed for transfer students. Please visit the Housing FAQ for more information or contact housing@usc.edu with questions.

What should I be doing before orientation?

You will find information for your Welcome Trojans orientation program on the Orientation website.

When will I register for classes?

You will register for classes online, by department, during your Welcome Trojans orientation program. Transfer course registration occurs in July.

Are there resources that transfer students can utilize to help with the transition to USC?

Whether you are new to USC or have been on campus for a while, Transfer Student Soul Search connects you to resources and opportunities to network and socialize with other transfer students. The self-discovery modules are designed to support you in finding community and learning about the benefits of being a member of the Trojan Family.

Some modules are linked with social events hosted by USC’s Transfer Student Assembly—chances to build relationships with other transfer students. To get involved or learn more about the Assembly’s programming, follow the TSA on Instagram @usc.tsa or contact the student leadership team by email at tsausc@usc.edu.

Read, watch, learn, make friends – and have fun!

International Students FAQ

How do I receive my I-20?

USC will issue your I-20 after you have committed to enroll. Please check this page in late March to learn more about our student visa process. 

If I already have an F-1 visa, do I need a new one before arriving at USC?

If your F-1 student visa will remain valid for more than six months after the start of your first semester of study at USC, then you may use your current F-1 visa with your USC I-20 to enter the country and study at USC. If your visa will expire within six months of beginning your studies at USC, you will need to re-apply for a new F-1 visa in your home country.

When do I need to sit for the International Student Exam (ISE) if I submitted a Duolingo English Test score or English declaration form when applying? 

You will receive an email with information about registering for this exam later this summer. Students who submit a valid USC-approved English Language Proficiency exam do not need to sit for the ISE exam.  If you applied test-optional and have a qualifying ACT or SAT score, we strongly encourage you to submit it or one of USC’s other approved exams to waive this English placement test before orientation.

Can I join ZeeMee with an international phone number?

Yes, as long as you can receive SMS messages you should be able to access ZeeMee.

How will my credits transfer if I went to an international university?

Transfer students who have completed coursework at institutions outside the U.S. should contact the International Education Research Foundation for a “Detail Report with Course Level Identification” for USC. IERF will evaluate your documents and transmit a report directly to USC. USC Transfer Credit Services will then complete a transfer credit evaluation.

What if I am unable to get an approved vaccine before I travel to the U.S.?

Please visit Student Health’s Immunization Requirements webpage for information on what to do if you are not able to get vaccinated prior to arriving at USC.